An organization includes diversed technologies, applications and software products which come from different dealers. Multiple IT systems will add needless complexity and inefficiencies to the IT landscape, keeping even the most basic processes from being automated.

Sadup Soft provides application software to enterprises at a low cost and with efficient processes, while still avoiding modifications from the existing IT system. Our services include:

Integration Consulting:

Our team of experts analyzes existing IT infrastructure, it’s needs and constraints. Then we understand which integration model is suitable for your organization. By applying choosed integration model, your organization will have an efficient integration architecture and secured infrastructure.

Full Cycle Integration Implementation:

Sadup soft has professionals who first examine integration implementation and planning. We also provide migration, re-engineering and re-architecting to the systems if needed and then implement integration solutions at different component levels. After launching the setup we continuously manage the evolution of an integrated ecosystem.

Sadup soft is always prepared to design an easy to operate integration that meets the present and future requirements.