Branding and Identity

Branding and Identity

Brand identity is a collection of tools used by a company to build a brand image. A brand image is a customer ’s evaluation of a brand that consists of different associations with it and remembrances of interacting with it. Sadup soft offers brand identity that makes your company gain market share and stand out of the crowd. Our services in branding and identity include


We begin the branding and identity process by conducting thorough research to determine what your brand is. Then, through competitive analysis, we understand current market trends and determine whether your brand is market-fit.

Logo Design

The visual representation of your brand is communicated through logo design, and getting this right is critical to the success of the rest of your brand identity. Our designers not only create logos but also use them to tell the story and message of your company.

Secondary Mark

Our specialists can also create secondary marks for use on merchandise, t-shirts, caps, and social media. Secondary marks can be used to improve brand identity in a strategic way.

Official Brand Pattern

We create official brand patterns that are used inside apparel linings or on the back of packaging, as well as on t-shirts, caps, social media, and other items. The advantage of the official brand pattern is used to beat competition.

Facebook Cover Page

We will design a stunning Facebook cover image and avatar for you to use in branding your Facebook business page and making an impression on your page's followers and community. In addition, we will design an email signature image.