PMP Certification

PMP Certification

Sadup Soft provides the best training for professionals seeking to obtain and be certified in the PMP. The benefit of PMP certification is that it helps you manage various industries such as oil, telecommunications, and information technology. Several companies recommended that their employees pursue PMP certification. Certain companies will not consider you for project manager positions unless you have this certification. It serves as proof of your dedication to project management. With PMP certification, you will be paid well and respected in the workplace.

PMP certification is a four-hour exam with 200 questions. He will receive certification when he successfully completes the examination. A candidate is allowed a maximum of three attempts per year, and the exam is exceptionally hard for first-time takers. The questions are formulated at a high difficulty level and are intended to assess the student's understanding of the subjects as well as their ability to solve real-world problems. The questions include theory, calculations and graph drawing.

Who can take the PMP Examination?

Individuals with good project management experience who want to pursue a higher certification and begin knowledge acquisition of the latest project management trends are eligible for the Project Management certification. The PMP certification exam for project managers, assistant project managers, team leaders and software developers.


A candidate must satisfy any of the below conditions
  1. A candidate should have a secondary degree, 5 years of experience in project management, and 7500 hours of experience working on a head project.
  2. A candidate should have a 4 year bachelor’s degree or global equivalent degree along with 3 years of experience in project management and 4500 hours of experience leading a project.

Outcomes of PMP Certification

We follow a structured approach and provide introductions to every project management concept. At first, a candidate is taught to understand, authenticate and control project scope and define project charter. Finally after the completion of course, you will be able to know how to engage and manage project stakeholders.
  • Get ready for PMP certification
  • Understand various parameters for successful project management
  • Learn project management process
  • Ready to lead teams for project

Why PMP Certification With Sadup Soft?

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