Data Classification

Data Classification

Data classification is the method of evaluating structure and unstructured data and grouping it into different categories such as file type, content, and so on. Sadup soft experts identify and find the precious data before applying labels to define and decide how data is treated. Our robust data classification technologies, which range from automatic content and context-based classification to manual consumer classification, are designed to meet regulatory requirements, protect intellectual property, and work in a variety of environments.

Benefits of Data Classification

Provides efficient Security

We organise and refine data, helping businesses to apply data classification tools and strategies consciously to the most important data. By offering this feature to the enterprise, it will ultimately contribute to successful protection.

Time to Value

Our classification propels consistency and stability. It also reduces development time by allowing you to define prior to the development of specific policies. Furthermore, our user classification implements natively with office applications, resulting in minor changes to workflows.

Data Classification as Enabler

Data classification allows for less restricted processing of most data by adding clarification to the elements requiring the elevated supervision.
Why Data Classification Service with Sadup Soft?

Provides Comprehensive Solutions

Our team of experts provides data classification from completely automated to manual user classification. Our classification detects and tags sensitive data even before developing policies. For the lowest possible false positives, our automatic content-based file inspection detects, marks, and fingerprints sensitive data.

Provides IP Protection

Our classification provides the ability to automatically distinguish unstructured data, such as intellectual property , as it is generated or changed, depending on the user, source, and application.

More Acurate Threat Detection

Data classification is combined into our threat data protection platform. This ensures that sensitive data is detected and checked for threat detection. This increases. This improves hazard hunting and incident response reliability by integrating data sensitivity thresholds into warning prioritisation.