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Data is the basis of every growth success in the modern world. Robust digital analytics skills are the key to a successful digital marketing strategy. With years of expertise in digital analytics as consultants, we offer growth-driven marketing plans based on sophisticated data analytics insights.

As a marketing analytics consultant, we assist firms in establishing data-driven marketing by developing a specific strategy and optimization plan. We provide marketing consulting services to increase data resource integration, link data trends, optimize reporting systems, and affect productivity to stay at the core of your success.

One of our most valuable assets at Sadup Softech is our capabilities to gather, analyze, and utilize data. We identify significant sources of existing data, set up procedures to extract additional data, and assist you in finding the key indicators to examine. Following a thorough examination of the data, we present the insights enabling you to take necessary actions for accelerating growth.

Our Analytics Approach

Local Search + SEO

Local SEO and good organic search results are essential for keeping a competitive advantage in the multifamily industry. We concentrate on creating a solid personalized strategy for continual content production, local listings, and mobile engagements.

ROI Based on Analytics

As part of our analytics strategy, we compile large volumes of campaign and traffic data every time interval & assist you in optimizing digital marketing expenditures and maximizing revenue. We can capture genuine marketing ROI for yearly budget planning by isolating conversion data by channel and comparing it to ROI and gross margin.

Analytics by Google

Proper tracking and attribution is the first step in analyzing website data. From the first click to the final touch, we un-tap the fundamentals with goals/filters/views and UTM parameters before configuring to meet your digital marketing objectives & revenue targets.

Google Tag Manager

We streamline your integration tags & conversion tracking pixels across websites and platforms. We optimize for unique trigger rules and activities that support digital marketing objectives yielding fruit-full results.

Google Data Studio

True transformation occurs when we link data to your choices. We unleash its potential by combining data sources such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, CRMs, and others into a unified platform for better decision making.

Tracking Conversion

Our funnel-focused approach to analytics starts with detailed conversion tracking. We assist you in visualizing the prospect journey, from phone calls and web forms to individual page views and session data, to optimize for maximum revenue benefits.


Marketing Analytics - Impact on Business


Customer Intelligence

Define your audience & their online behavior.


Market & Competitive Analysis

Identify market opportunities, scenario analysis, and competitors.


Measuring Performance

Measure the performance of your marketing operations, brand metrics, channels, campaigns, and marketing ROI.


Forecasting and Prediction

Use data to generate prediction models and determine the best course of action in the future.


Result-oriented Strategies

We base your marketing strategy on real-world data and success metrics. We consistently monitor existing patterns to predict future trends.

Our Analytics Services

Analysis of a Funnel

Using a comprehensive digital analytics dashboard, we examine the sequence of steps visitors take on your website, find bottlenecks, drop-off spots, and other difficulties, and design ways to remedy them for a greater conversion rate.

Analysis of Channels

We investigate the sales and marketing challenges affecting your various organization channels and provide actionable steps.

Analyze the Content

Complete content analysis allows us to identify content gaps and develop a more inclusive and goal-oriented content strategy.

Auditing of Digital Marketing

A detailed audit by us provides you with a birds-eye perspective of the benefits and drawbacks of your current digital marketing analytics method.

Optimization & testing

No digital marketing analytics plan is complete unless it includes a testing cycle to optimize the growing methods.


The Advantages of Our Analytics

Marketing analytics offers effective learning and marketing capability expansion to regulate marketing performance.

  • Intelligence and segmentation of customers
  • Multi-Channel Tracking, Cross-Channel Tracking, Cross-device Tracking
  • Modeling of attribution.
  • Analysis of revenue funnels and marketing performance.
  • Campaign evaluation, content evaluation, CRO, and A/B testing.
  • Analysis of advertising, budget control, and ROAS analysis.
  • SEO and organic research.
  • Listening to and analyzing social media.
  • Forecasting, optimization, and predictive analytics are all examples of predictive analytics.
  • Competitive analysis and market research.

Our Marketing Analytics Solution’s

As a marketing analytics consultant, I assist a variety of marketing clouds and analytic tools, such as:

  • Marketing systems, including Google Marketing Cloud, Adobe Marketing Cloud, SalesForce, HubSpot, and Marketo.
  • Analytics platforms include Google Analytics 360, Adobe Analytics, Google Data Studio, Supermetrics, Tableau, Power BI, Kissmetrics, Moz, and SEMRush.
  • Platforms for advertising: Google Ads, AdRoll, Criteo, Kenshoo, Facebook Advertising,

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