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Software Testing

The process of verifying whether the actual software product satisfies the specified requirements & guaranteeing that it is fully functioning or not. It entails putting software/system components through their paces using either human or automated techniques to assess one or more attributes of interest. The purpose of software testing is to identify errors & gaps to the given requirements. Some people like to refer to software testing definitions as White Box and Black Box Testing. In basic terms, software testing refers to the verification of the application under test (AUT). This Software Testing enables testing the software and narrates why it is crucial.


Mobile App Testing

Every application designed for portable devices must go through mobile application testing. This testing is processed to check a particular degree of quality before releasing an application into the marketplace (app store/play store).

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Manual testing is a method of testing conducted manually rather than utilizing an automated tool. It determines whether the application works as specified in the requirement or not. Software testing experts at Sadup Softech create test cases to execute the final software application. Moreover, we also develop test case reports manually.

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Automation testing is a software testing approach that compares the actual result to the predicted outcome. Automation testing is processed to automate repetitive processes & other testing jobs that are tough to complete manually. Automation experts perform a thorough analysis to extract results using test scripts or other automated testing tools

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