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Contract To Hire

Contract To Hire

Various organizations hire new employees on a contract basis so they can see how well the candidate suits the company's environment. Sadup Softech technically hires contract-to-hire professional Individuals.

We allow clients to hire a professional Individual on a contract basis with flexible payment terms & after term period, the client can hire the person into their organization permanently. Many organizations can help you hire employees, but if you want to get unique solutions from the expertise, then SADUP SOFTECH is whom you should turn to.

Client & Candidate Satisfaction On Priority

The contract to hire is also a connected feather to our expertise team & the organization. If you have the right skills and talents, a contract-to-hire position may be a good fit for you. Contract-to-Hire Services give clients the ability to monitor the work performance of an employee before making a formal offer of employment.

Our Process

If you're interested in our staffing solution, we'll help the process move as easy as possible by paying attention to the following aspects.


Evaluate the performance of the selected candidate by screening the right, qualified candidate.


Identify your talent needs and feel confident in the hiring process


Hire on a contract basis by providing the allotted amount of time to decide on hiring.


Once hired, access talent with a tweak workforce for your company while remaining employed by Sadup Softech.


We will source the professional Individual to your company's payroll within the time frame.

Pros Of Using Contract To Hire

  • Avoids risk of unwanted hiring
  • It's not only the prospective employee you save money on, but it's also the training cost you can avoid.
  • Other expenses such as pay, benefits, insurance & equipment are also minimized.
  • Greater workforce adaptability

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