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Manual testing is software testing in which test cases are performed manually rather than using an automated tool. The tester runs all test cases manually from both perspectives. It determines whether the application meets the requirements or not. We implement test cases to execute the final software application. Moreover, we even develop test case reports manually.

Is Manual Testing Necessary?

In the modern world, technology & usage of applications has been making tremendous changes every term quarter, majority of application stakeholders release enhancement updates. To ensure the performance, functionality, compatibility & security, our experts deploy testing the use cases manually by performing multiple test iterations. As manual testing consumes time in evaluating, automation in all aspects of development testing has become essential. Automation can provide value to entire testing by its time-effectiveness, accuracy, reusability, and repeatability. There are places in the functional testing process where manual testing is unavoidable.

Manual testing is one of the most effective methods for detecting significant flaws. This strategy is to identify defects in the product that are kept aside by automated testing. Because manual testing evaluates internally, it contributes to improving the product's user experience and usability.



Our Manual Testing Approach

Our manual software testing firm follows a well-defined testing approach and sets guidelines to implement best practices for deriving the high quality of the final software product.

Requirement Analysis

Our professional test engineers are involved in project development from the beginning, including business and functional analysis. We assist analysts and architects inappropriately defining requirements and determining the extent of manual testing services.

Strategy For Testing

When the requirements are accurate, our experts focus on getting test planning & strategy documents. While the software development life cycle, strategy act as an asset for all testing methods, timetables & test coverage.

Case Studies

Using software requirements specifications, experts write test cases for non-functional requirements, existing rules & application logic. This documentation enables us to lay the groundwork for repeatable testing of future software update releases.

Execution Of Tests

The test execution phase is one of the most crucial software development phases that determine whether your requirements are satisfied or not. We identify and prioritize significant challenges. Before the next testing cycle begins, our expert team ensures to rectify all errors.

Reporting Bugs

Effective bug reporting is required to highlight the discovered faults to the team and determine the severity and priority of the problem. A tester will delegate bug-fixing to a developer once we accomplish the need. Reports ensure that the test history is consistent and verifiable, hence accelerating the software development process.


Services We Offer

Our manual software testing firm has a well-defined Quality Assurance methodology in place. The majority of our test engineers have ISTQB certifications and have tested IT projects of all levels of complexity.


Unique Testing Strategy

Experienced QA engineers create a test strategy document to maintain the transparency of the project. Team heads distribute the opted approach among our in-house team to achieve necessary insights.


Test Preparation

The test plan document contains the project scope and testing focus, timelines, test coverage, features to be the test, resources, responsible personnel, and the test environment. Comprehensive test planning guarantees that all testing operations are consistent throughout the development lifecycle.


Several Sorts Of Testing

We even operate a manual testing business that performs functional, usability, scalability, security, integration, interoperability, system, and other sorts of testing. Each testing has its own set of goals, but they all contribute to determining whether the software performs as expected or not.


Testing For User Acceptability

During the UAT stage, we collaborate with end-users to determine whether the application is ready for release. It is an extra opportunity to ensure that the application functions in the user context. All UAT scenarios are planned prior and agreed upon in advance with the customer.


Traceability Matrix For Requirements

To validate requirements, test coverage, we employ a traceability matrix. Design is a mix & combination of all test cases to their relevant user stories, allowing us to track whether featured needs are satisfied or not.


Metrics & Reports For Testing

We use metrics such as defects by severity, defects by priority, and test case execution productivity when deciding where to focus our testing efforts next. We also provide reports so that our customers can see the progress of our product.

The Advantages Of Our Manual Services

Manual QA testing services are required to create a software solution that satisfies your objectives and expectations. Our bespoke software development and manual testing firm provide all sorts of testing as a stand-alone service or as part of your project development. Here are some of the most significant advantages you may obtain.


Manual testing services assist in detecting defects and faults as well as helping to avoid frequent code rewriting. It saves money by allowing us to report aggressively on discovered defects and requirements discrepancies.


As opposed to automated testing, manual testing is performed by a human and is more customer-centric. A tester can examine the program from the user end and report on what might be improved.

Paying Close Attention To Details

Our manual testers are detail-oriented and methodological. They are skilled in a wide range of testing techniques, and they aim not only to find errors but also to present clear conclusions.

Engineers With QA Certification

Our test engineers continually expand their knowledge and abilities by attending professional workshops, courses & conferences. To ensure successful testing, we employ cutting-edge technology in every phase of our implementations.


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