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Application Integration

Application Integration

Sadup Softech enables data sharing across different enterprise applications while reducing data redundancy. We process merging & optimizing the data and workflows between two disparate software applications with efficient processes at a low cost.

Integrating applications automate your business processes, which allows them to focus on adding value to other parts of your business. Our core process automation includes ordering and fulfillment, invoicing, collections, expenses, approvals, and more.

Concepts on Application Integration

Our applications communicate with clients by exchanging data & invoking services that we offer. Application Integration is one of the Digital Transformation strategies where your business can operate in new & innovative ways.

API - Application Programming Interface

Your company's APIs include a set of procedures that specify how different software components should interact. That specifically allows developers to easily and quickly gain access to the functionality of your software.


Actions & Events

When any user buys your product or service, they generate an event that triggers an action or series of steps that include standard functionality like creating, retrieving, and b application-specific, such as a new case in Salesforce.


Data Mapping

The information exchange is the process of making data flow between two applications, like filling out a contact form in one place and having the information appear in another.

Choosing Sadup Softech!

Sadup Softech offers application software to various organizations at an affordable cost planning while avoiding changes to the existing IT system. Our business process automation has a few main aspects.

  • Scalable
  • Reliable
  • Complete transparency
  • Superior Quality
  • Secure

Benefits Of Application Integration

  • Reduce system architecture complexity
  • Improve organization agility
  • Efficient process management for effective optimization
  • Optimize use of current infrastructure
  • Reduce operational costs by utilizing tailor-made automated processes
  • Scalable & reliable infrastructure
  • A well-integrated ecosystem of technologies & application integration solutions enhances business operations which enable for shorter time-to-market.

Services We Offer

Integration Consulting

Our team of experts analyses existing IT infrastructure, its needs, and constraints. Then SADUP SOFTECH understands which integration model is suitable for your organization. By applying the chosen integration model, your organization will have an efficient integration architecture and secured infrastructure.

Full Cycle Integration Implementation

Sadup Soft offers specialists who evaluate integration implementation and planning first. We also provide system migration, re-engineering, re-architecting, and implement integration solutions at various component levels. We continually oversee the growth of an integrated ecosystem once we implement the setup.


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