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Automation testing is an approach to test & compare the actual results of a software functioning to predict the outcome. To yield test results through test scripts or other automated testing tools, industry professionals believe that automation testing is a process to automate repetitive processes & other testing jobs that are tough to complete manually.

Services for automation testing include test planning, tool selection, test environment set up, test data preparation, test script creation and maintenance, and reporting. Sadup Softech has been providing full-range test automation services to assist organizations in reducing testing time and costs for over a decade.

Advantages Of Automation
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • On-Page SEO
  • Video Marketing

Sadup Softech Performs Various Types Of Automation

Automation Functional Testing

Sadup Softech executes automated regression testing to ensure that newly added features do not interfere with the rest of the program's functionality. Our engineers address every functional need of your program.

Create, perform & maintain suitable granularity through system tests) and level functional tests (API and UI automated tests).

Automated Performance Testing

Sadup Softech test automation team conducts the following tasks to assure the stability & high performance of your product.

Testing for Automation Integration

Sadup Softech test automation professionals assess the following software integrations to assure seamless end-to-end processes of your integrated applications & business data consistency.

Compatibility Testing Automation

To ensure that the software's user interface and functionality render correctly in diverse target contexts, our engineers verify its compatibility with the below aspects.

Assurance Of Software Security Automation

Sadup Softech testing engineers can automate the following cybersecurity checks to guarantee your software is not vulnerable to common security vulnerabilities and conforms with applicable regulatory requirements (e.g., HIPAA, GAMP, PCI DSS & GDPR)


Our Automation Solutions

  • Experience in software testing & test automation services.
  • Experience with a robust test automation tool, such as Selenium, Apache JMeter & Postman.
  • Custom test automation framework.
  • Manufacturing, retail, wholesale, logistics, professional services, healthcare, financial services, oil & gas, and telecommunications are a few areas in which we have expertise.
  • Years of professional experience in handling challenges is an added advantage of our in-house testing team.
Software Types For Automation
  • Apps for smartphones
  • Web applications
  • Cloud-based applications
  • Desktop applications
  • Business software
  • Customer service software

Our Automation Services For Testing

Reduced Cost For Test Automation

Sadup Softech test automation professionals enhance the return on investment of your test automation project by outlining the possible test automation coverage dividing complicated test situations into manageable chunks, choosing/creating an effective and reusable test automation framework that best fits your software evolution and other company testing tasks. Our Expert team uses a data or keyword-driven testing framework to reduce the effort required to create and maintain tests.

Timelines That Are Suitable For Business

We will begin working on your project and test automation requirements according to your timelines. Our In-house team will set up the test environment, write test scenarios and scripts and run automated tests. We will deliver all release and regression tests within the iteration deadline.

Quality Based On KPIs

Sadup Softech software testing professionals measure testing efficiency against a specific set of KPIs and deliver monthly updates on their fulfillment to ensure the excellent performance of our in-house team. Using the following test automation KPIs, we often use these test automation KPIs. In-house experts create various scripts during the project to measure test automation efforts and flaws discovered. Experts recommend measuring the effectiveness of creating test automation scripts for performing accurate testing implementations.

Customized Automated Testing Software

Experts in test automation at Sadup Softech examine the efficacy of your approaches and frameworks. To enhance the current test automation toolset, experts switch to alternative frameworks and technologies. Optimize your automated testing toolkit by adding necessary tools, updates, integrations & unique features.

Collaboration With The Development Team

Our test automation experts communicate with your in-house or third-party development and QA teams to ensure that test automation operations are prioritized and scheduled appropriately.

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