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Web development projects can range from minor front-end changes to whole rebuilds as we create a mobile-friendly version of your website & Implement social media integration that gets the entire makeover. Start selling online or improve your current eCommerce setup. Whatever your growth plans are, Sadup Softech is here to assist you.

The solution that allows your website to show on the World Wide Web is called website hosting. You can essentially ensure that your website is up & functioning 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year by investing in the correct hosting service provider. Sadup Softech provides you with an unrivaled website hosting infrastructure on which our clients may rely.


Our Hosting Solutions

Hosting on the cloud

We rotate your services throughout our cloud server clusters, so you don't have to worry about losing any of your data. With traditional hosting, any disruption in service to your server might result in downtime. This single point of failure is removed with cloud hosting!

Redundancy & Quality

We have cutting-edge secure data centers globally as our network is delivered to give your website maximum performance and uptime.


Our security method is multi-tiered to ensure that your website is secure. Hardened local server firewalls, a router & load balancer firewalls, hardened operating systems & other security features are available.

Dedicated Expertise

Every customer receives support that allows them to run their business online.

Immediate Account Creation & Activation

You may start constructing your website right away with our simple account setup.

Simple Account Administration & Setup

Connecting to QuickBooks allows you to transmit your sales data from your store to your PC or online version of QuickBooks with no effort at all.


Is Web Development & Hosting Such A Crucial Business Decision!

Consider your website's hosting solution to be the foundation of your complete online presence. This foundation must be safe, secure, and simple to use. When sensitive information is stolen or compromised, a small business or organization can suffer severe losses which result from a lack of protection. An easy-to-use user interface makes it simple to manage your website. Having your website & hosting service in one location is also a wise decision that saves your time & money.


Secure online Hosting & Development

Our hosting facility offers some unique development & hosting services that allow you to save your website on our server. Our Website Hosting Services provide user-friendly systems, allowing you to control your content and customer interactions privately. You may build a name for yourself on the World Wide Web by purchasing the domain name.


Reliable & Cost-Effective

Sadup Softech offers website hosting services that are both inexpensive and dependable. With a small investment in webspace, you may make your pages live and display your organization's offerings to the world.

Our Ideal Website Development Approach


Collecting Requirements

Our procedure begins with gathering customer requirements & analyzing organizational goals.



Following design, development is carried out using the best coding methods by standards.



We run rigorous testing on every area, such as usability, responsiveness & cross-browser compatibility.



We can assist with deployment, as well as post-development support & maintenance.

We Offer Several Types of Hosting

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  • Hosting for Resellers
  • Servers that are dedicated
  • Hosting on the Grid

The Advantages of Our Web Development Services

Mobile devices currently control a crucial part of the internet space. To be an efficient marketer, you must ensure that your material is ready for these users. You must also ensure that you are keeping up with the modifications made by Google. See how the mobile SERP structure has lately affected mobile SEO and how you may capitalize on new branding possibilities.

  • Compatibility with Multiple Browsers
  • UI/UX that is engaging
  • Completely tested
  • User-Friendly
  • Standards-Compliant
  • Site Performance Has Improved
  • Excellent Technical Support
  • Email Addresses with a Domain
  • Enhanced Website security
  • High Uptime and Reliability

Delivering Direct-to-Need Services For Web Development & Hosting

Customers can choose customized websites from Sadup Softech depending on their requirements. A flawless website requires corporate objectives, user physiology & industry-level best practices with quick, secure & user-friendly hosting services for your project.

Website Development for Ecommerce

Our professionals design eCommerce websites that help convert visitors into high-potential consumers. We create an easy-to-navigate website, a hassle-free environment, mailing lists & a specific product setup.

High-End Hosting Services

Personal websites might benefit from premium hosting. We host websites that use our storage & handle varied visits each month. Furthermore, we provide development tools, quicker websites, limitless databases, GIT access & SSH access.

WordPress Design Services

Many of our clients used our WordPress development services. We design websites that are both user-friendly and efficient. Furthermore, we design websites that are very responsive and attract visitors.

Private Web Hosting Services

Essentially, it is ideal for novices. We host the required website, give SSD storage & handle visitors each month. In addition, we give developers tools and make websites faster and more efficient all around the world.

WooCommerce Design Services

WooCommerce is a well-known framework for building eCommerce websites. We provide a unique service to all of our clients, whether a startup or large corporation. Our WooCommerce services radically improve the eCommerce experience of your consumers.

Organizational Hosting

Provide business hosting for businesses of all sizes. Furthermore, we provide development tools, quicker websites, limitless databases, GIT access, SSH access, daily backups, and free CDN.


Our Clients